Hello Friends, thank you for visiting our website.

I grew up and lived my whole life in Nebraska; I bleed Husker Red every Saturday.  I grew up within family businesses and learned the ins and outs of how to run a good company.  My family raised and showed appaloosas, and we owned and operated a Western Store in Columbus, Nebraska.

My parents were both teachers.  Their focuses were the arts, through and through.  My Mother was a painter and painted mosaics. While my Father was into music and taught vocal music K-12. I learned a lot about responsibility from the both of them.

I attended Columbus Scotus High School and was in every activity they had and moved to Lincoln to attend UNL – Engineering.  While at UNL was part of the Honors club, J-board, and the UNL Speech Team.

My childhood love of concrete led me to my lifelong dedication to concrete.   I always have loved the smell, there is just something about it. My love for my craft has pushed me to start my own business and build from the ground up.

I started my career at Leifert Concrete and spend a short amount of time at Adams Concrete before starting my first concrete company at the age of 23.

My first company became full service concrete company and grew to over a $1 million / year.  With my first company, I did have a partner and there was a point and time that we moved apart.  From there I left to create my current company, CRS Concrete.

CRS Concrete has been in operation for well over 16 years now.  We have worked from Kansas City, Falls City, Nebraska City, Omaha, Lincoln, Crete, Beatrice, York, Hastings, Grand Island, Albion, and Kearney.  We have done all aspects of concrete, big to small, and my passion for my business has since grown in so many different ways.

Through the years I have been trained and attended schools for metal buildings, post buildings, safety, green houses, stamped concrete, overlays, stained concrete, icf training, mud jacking, foam jacking, and a number of Industry trade shows like World of Concrete held in Vegas each year.

CRS is my concrete company that we work hard to treat people right. We produce high quality concrete for a patio for your neighbor or paving for Sid Dillon Auto.  We want to provide value for your money, accomplish the task at hand, and develop and nurture relationships for years to come.

– Jim “Concrete Jimmy” Springer