Stamped concrete is beautiful.  Stamped concrete  can completely accent the environment  and enhance the feel of the area.

Some stamped concrete needs TLC from time to time if not maintained.

We can help and really understand the ins and outs of what will make your project look great again.

On some projects we simply do a complete washing and apply (2) coats of sealer to bring the colors out making the stamped work pop.

Over time depending on what the initial stamped process was used we really can bring a flat boring piece completely back to life with the use of Butterfield Perma-Tique antiquing.  This process we wash, apply antiquing which bonds directly to the concrete staying with the slab, and then apply (2) sealers.

With some slabs customers have had us changed the look all together and we work hard to satisfy their dreams if we can.

Our goal is give you the best stamped concrete through our re-beautification processes and let you enjoy your wonderful stamped concrete again.