Footing Repairs:

All footings that fail over time fail for a reason.

Most footings fail due to water.  Over time the water sits next to the footing causing the dirt to become weak and the gives out losing the support it had when dry thus the footing cracks and fails.

Some footings and walls break due to poor concrete, lack or misplaced rebar, excessive stress, lateral forces typically caused by site conditions, and poor construction.

We use a number of ways to help all with one main purpose; Support and Stabilize.

Simple way of doing this is to dig along the footing called Sistering.  We dig and pour a second footing next to the original.  We make sure we underpin half of the existing footing to help support and tie both footings together using rebar drilled and epoxied.

Second way of doing this is to create piers and pads under existing footings.  We dig a large rectangle to give us a bigger base reinforced with steel and then usually have a column or pier in the middle to help tie everything together.  This solution works well and we can space this 6′ on center and use a lot on specific points that need help vs. a long run.  All these areas are poured full of concrete to complete.

Sometimes the job or customer needs the footing to be raised to correct the problem.  We do this using the pier / pad solution and then add a mechanical element to provide upward force to push footing back up.   Typically we can get this done with hydrolic jacks.   In some cases the dirt is so poor or the load is heavy that push pin solution must be used which will use the Earth and friction to push the footing up.

We have a lot of experience with this and very good at stabilizing and supporting as needed.