Exterior Waterproofing [Mel-Drain System]:

  • In some types of applications we look at a higher grade system that does a great job but is more expensive
  • In some new walls and special conditions we will utility the Mel-Roll / Mel-Drain System
  • In this process we prime the wall with a bonding adhesive
  • Apply mastic to all corners and install first preliminary strips to help with all inside corners so no leaks in the future
  • Then we cut to fit and apply Mel-Rol water proofing along the whole surface
  • We apply mastic to seal all end seams
  • A drainage field that allow water to drain along the outside of the surface and protect the Mel-Rol during the backfill process
  • When the system is ready for backfill, this application allows water to drain outside the wall, have a filter to keep clean, and 100% seals the exterior side of the wall from all water.
  • Typically a drain-tile system is coupled with this system to remove water from the area if a drain area presents itself available.