Retaining Walls:

Retaining walls in Nebraska have to be designed to move when the dirt around them freeze and thaw, and they have to be designed to manage water or they will fail

When we install walls we always install the first course below the dirt to serve as a toenail for the wall.  We use the Earth to help set the base of the wall

This base course is set on crushed concrete fines that we place, tamp, and make level

Once base course is ready we start adding courses

With walls over 4′ will have to include geo-grid which is an engineered fabric designed to used the weight of the Earth above to hold the geo-grid in place that in turn holds the face of the wall

As we put the walls up we install 1′ of gravel behind the wall all the way up until the last 6″.  This allows the water coming from the soil behind to loose pressure and leech through the face of wall instead of letting the water push the wall over

The last course is the cap and we glue the cap and back fill with top soil

We can help with complicated applications and simple walls

A wall has to be designed to float, drain water, and and set a slight negative angle known as the angle of repose.