There are two types of concrete overlays that we work with.

In both systems we have a bonding process and crack control system that must be followed to ensure a good long lasting product.

The first system is a basic application in which we trowel in place an overlay product typically Butterfield T1000 which normally is colored and repurpose old stable concrete to look nice again.  We do this a lot on steps and stoops.

Another way of doing this is to increase the amount of material applied using a gauge rack leaving 1/4″ to 3/8″ of material on the surface.

This material is again T1000 for the most part and colored.

We apply liquid release and stamp just like we would stamp normal concrete texturing all edges and providing a really nice stamped impression.

For coloring we normally would use the Butterfield Perma-Tique to add depth and different colors.

Finally, we would saw cut and apply (2) coats of sealer to bring out the colors.